Commercial Partners

Property Agents

Our definition of "Property Agents" covers estate agencies, property management companies and lettings agents.

This is often the first point of contact for many on the journey of changing address, enabling us to build strong revenue generating partnerships.


Service Providers

We define "Service Providers" as any business that supplies a customer with a product or service.

This covers a vast number of different sectors including energy suppliers, insurers, TV & broadband, banks and even retailers.


With millions of people moving home every year, retention can be a problem for companies at risk of losing customers during this transition. Could your business benefit from having advance knowledge that one of your customers is soon to be moving?

Reasons to join us

Never miss a relocation

By signing up as a service provider you will be made aware of when a customer is moving home, enabling your sales team to retain the business.

Check if people are moving

By making use of our in-house API, you will be able to check (with the customers consent) if they have registered to move with us.

Affiliate links and portals

To help with the process of getting people on-board, we plan to provide our partners with easy to use affiliate links and portals.

Register your interest in joining our network…

We continue to work hard on making this service available for all customers and are always on the lookout for commercial partners to help improve our offering. If you would like to be a part of this exciting enterprise then please get in touch.

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