How does it work?

Our easy process 4 step process is designed to save you time

Step 1.

Firstly, we automatically identify the utility providers & council servicing your current property, using just the postcode!

Step 2.

Next simply select the rest of the suppliers you would like notified out of thousands in our database, from TV & broadband providers to gyms!

Step 3.

After a few personal details, your account will be created.

From here you'll enter your very own transfer dashboard.

Step 4.

Once in the dashboard you can check your move details are correct:

Verified Email address
Added your Moving Date
Added all addresses
Selected your suppliers

Then its just a case of pressing


When should you start the process?

We recommend its best to start the process 3-4 weeks before your expected move date.
That way it gives your suppliers plenty of time to process your changes and flag up any issues they have prior to your move.

Give it a try

Want to see what utility infomation we can get for a postcode? Simply enter one below and we will locate the suppliers.


Now lets get you started.

Please select one of the following options to start you journey to moving freedom

  Existing Bill Payer?

You already have utility providers and need to let them know you’re moving

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  First Time Mover?

You don’t currently have utilities but will need to set them up for your new place

If you’ve read enough and want to get started then lets go!