About Us

Our mission is to reduce the time and hassle involved in moving home.


The idea was formed and we started researching the problems in the market for both consumers and the companies who supply services to homes across the UK.


Our team has a background in financial services, which meant there was significant learning to be done around utility suppliers. This then led into home media and insurances, with a detailed analysis of each sector.

The problems suppliers face are vast, particularly when people forget to tell them they’re moving home. We quickly understood that we could help both consumers and the businesses that supply them.


Time to build. We recruited our Chief Technology Officer, Nigel Clutterbuck, who got to work turning our ideas into reality.

What seemed like a simple concept turned out to be a complex build, meaning there were many problems to solve throughout the year.


The product was brought to a stage where it worked for consumers moving home. We built relationships with companies who supply energy, water television, broadband, insurance and even local councils.

The product was launched in September and we are continually working to refine the user experience and ensure we achieve our goal of reducing hassle when you move home.

The team

Profile picture of Tyler Betts

Tyler Betts


Profile picture of Nigel Clutterbuck

Nigel Clutterbuck


Profile picture of Jason Deabrew

Jason Deabrew


Profile picture of Alastair Doig

Alastair Doig

Non-Exec Director

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Sam Shields


Peter Williamson

Partnerships Director

Profile picture of Luke Betts

Luke Betts

Research Officer

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