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It's not uncommon that property agents can struggle to maintain long-term customer engagement. Once an initial query has been dealt with, or a sale or rental has been completed, some customers have no real need to stay in contact with the agent. However there is the potential to expand on this relationship, by building on those foundations through the use of our software. This would be achieved through a partnership agreement with us, giving you access to some or all of the following benefits:

A unique customer incentive

Capitalise on your organic footfall and current contact base by offering TransferMyBills as a value added service.

A significant revenue channel

Our partnership model allows for a new revenue channel to be developed by integrating our software into your sales process.

Drive customer engagement

Drive engagement with your brand through a portal system that can be placed into your branches and onto the website.

Let us help you build a network with your clients

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More great benefits of the partnership include:


Better customer knowledge

For every person that is signed up in your catchment area, we are able to build up a better picture of who they are and what is important to them. With this data informed knowledge, you will be able to achieve a greater understanding of who your customers are and what they want.


Data driven target strategies

With the anonymised data collected from yourselves and other sources that we have access to, we will be able to provide you with segmented data allowing you to create marketing campaigns that can target those aspects that you deem are important and thus grow your engagement with clients.


Management portals

We are developing a management portal to allow our partners to register customers through their own offices, not just through our website. The management portal will be customisable, meaning you can update the branding and tailor the service to your target audience.

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We continue to work hard on making this service available for all customers and are always on the lookout for commercial partners to help improve our offering. If you would like to be a part of this exciting enterprise then please get in touch.

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