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Our research has shown that most established utility providers understand their cost of acquisition, but client retention can be a hard statistic to measure. TransferMyBills help your business gain a better understanding on client retention, including how to improve it.

Improve customer retention

We can help reduce the chance of losing customers to incumbent suppliers by informing you of the upcoming move, giving you the opportunity to retain them with a new deal.

Free up your support staff

One of the driving principles of TransferMyBills is to remove the need to speak with call centres. This will free up time for your customer service agents as they will not need to handle the associated phone calls and paperwork.

Don't get left holding bad debt

Our system reduces the likelihood of being left with bad debt, as we will help you and your customers be organised before and after their move.

What are the benefits?

An alternative point of contact

Our goal is to be the complete opposite to price comparison websites, so rather than trying to sell your customers to the highest or lowest bidder, we can help drive customer loyalty in a more personal and organic fashion.

Through our method of interaction we can ensure your business has the first opportunity to retain your customers as they move.

Up-sell and cross sell products

TransferMyBills empowers our partners with the knowledge and information to offer additional services to customers through a data driven approach.

We work hard to ensure the experience for both the company and consumer is as easy and informative as possible.

Continually Developing


API connectivity

We are building API connectivity into our system to provide frictionless transfer of information, this allows us to be able to deliver customer information in a range of formats.


Customer trends

We can provide you with a far deeper knowledge of customer trends through the anonymised data, collected from everyone that uses our system.


Value-added service

Gaining the ability to offer TransferMyBills.com as a service to your clients and give them the ability to simplify their home move.

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We continue to work hard on making this service available for all customers and are always on the lookout for commercial partners to help improve our offering. If you would like to be a part of this exciting enterprise then please get in touch.

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