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At Transfer My Bills, we've simplified the process of transferring or changing your broadband provider when relocating.

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Easily Transition Your Broadband When Moving Home

As we become more connected, maintaining a stable broadband connection during a home move is crucial. Here are the factors that you need to consider when moving broadband.

Contract Duration: Before switching or transferring, check the remaining time on your current contract to avoid early termination fees.

Broadband Speeds: Your new location might offer faster or slower speeds, depending on the infrastructure.

Package Deals: Moving home is an excellent opportunity to assess if you're getting the best deal for your broadband and bundled services.

How Transfer My Bills Streamlines Your Broadband Transfer

Quick and Simple:

No need to spend hours on the phone with your provider. Give us the details, and we manage the transfer for you.

Broadband Insights:

We'll help you understand the broadband speeds and services available at your new address.


Whether you want to stick with your current provider or explore a new one, we facilitate both.

Seamless Transition:

Ensure uninterrupted connectivity from your old home to your new one with minimal downtime.

TransferMyBills takes the stress out of moving and saves you time.

We provide a free online change of address service, which simplifies the process of transferring bills when you move home.

We cover all the big utilities like energy, council and water.

We can also help with broadband, television, insurances & more.

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How does it work?

Enter your address

Using just a postcode we automatically identify the utility providers & council(s) that require contacting.

Add your personal details

After a few personal details you'll enter your transfer dashboard, where you can track your entire move.

Select your suppliers

Next simply select the rest of the suppliers you would like to notify from the hundreds in our system.

Start your transfer

All that remains then is to confirm the start of your transfer & we'll notify all of the listed suppliers so you're up and running by the time you move in.

Our Testimonials

This service was so useful. I remember the last time I moved house 21 years ago all this was a nightmare but not this time. TransferMyBills has made it so easy most suppliers I have not even had to call and where I have this service provided links telephone numbers etc I needed absolutely fantastic thank you.


I used TransferMyBills to help with my house move. It was so easy, they suggested the utilities that I had already, contacted them for me and also reminded me to contact others I had not thought about like the AA and my gym. Made life easy for me. Thank you.


The whole process of TransferMyBills has been incredible! So easy and stress free using this service! Will be recommending to everyone!


Set a reminder to use TransferMyBills closer to your move

If you're moving for the first time we can help you to arrange suppliers for Electric & Gas, TV & Broadband, with more new offers being added each week.

Start saving on broadband and TV

Did you know 20 million broadband customers have let their contract lapse, missing out on potential savings?

Take a look at today's best offers and see whether you could be paying less.

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You are in good hands

Seamless transfers

With a focus on efficiency, our easy to follow process ensures a smooth transition of your utilities by managing the transfer of payment details and account information.

Supported throughout

We offer robust support channels for individuals relocating, ensuring a seamless transition of bills during a home move. Our responsive channels empower our clients to navigate bill transfers effortlessly, enhancing the overall moving experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying your providers and reaching your interactive transfer dashboard usually takes around 3 minutes.

Preferably a week or two before your move, allowing enough time for suppliers to act on our notifications. Accounts can be set up well in advance, but make sure to Start Transfer when you have all the move details confirmed.

Certainly! We can help you take advantage of exclusive offers on energy, home insurance, television and broadband, with some of the best brands in the UK. If you need some extra help, our team offer a concierge service and will be in touch.

We electronically send the notifications of your move to the selected providers, with clear instructions if you need to do something. Your Dashboard will show relevant information regarding your move and we will email you updates on transfers as they complete.

Your data is secured in an encrypted database and we only provide your move details to the companies you confirm with us.

We earn a small fee if you adopt a new product or service from any of our partners. Surprisingly enough we also earn from some of your existing providers, who pay us a fee to help facilitate a smooth move for their customers.

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