Changing Address?

We all know that moving can be one of the most stressful experiences that you have in life, but we need to do it to meet the changing needs of our families and businesses.

Let us take care of notifying everyone that you have moved, we will save you time and stress by doing it for you.

Find out more about how we can help you move…


We will tell your energy supplier, your insurance company and your aunty Cath.


Moving your business is a complicated process, let us help you along the way.

At Uni

Whether it’s moving between halls of residents or back home after uni we can help.

A Simple 4 Step Process

1. Sign Up

Begin by entering a few details on our website to start the process of setting your free account up with us.

2. List your suppliers

Once signed up, we will assist you to work through your list of suppliers that require notifying of your move.

3. Verify your identity

We will check your details to verify your identity, this meaning we may require supporting documentation. By doing this we can ensure that your identity hasn’t been stolen.

4. Relax

Once you’ve spent a few minutes filling in the details you can relax, leaving us to contact your suppliers and contacts to let them know you’re moving.

Why Use TransferMyBills?

Secure Notifications

By making use of rigorous identity checks we make sure that your identity is verified thoroughly before we start.

Strong Partnerships

We have a working relationship with an ever increasing list of energy suppliers, banks, insurance companies and online retail groups

Save Time and Money

We will save you time and money by allowing you to deal with all of your transfers from a single location, no matter how many people that may be.*

* each person will be subject to identity checks

Partner With Us

Property Agents

Calling all estate agents, property managers and letting agencies. We are on the lookout for people to help us to get our service in front of the people who really need it, whether it is by a bespoke portal for your company's website or by having a dedicated POS stand in your branches.

Service Providers

From large energy providers and multi-national retail websites to the small bakery on the high street, many businesses rely on postal deliveries to get their goods to their customers. By signing up to work without system you can help to make sure your customers never miss a delivery again.

Work with us…

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