Essential tools to make moving day a breeze

by Luke Betts

Having the right tool for the job is so important it’s literally a common pearl of wisdom uttered by tradesmen & women the world over. This saying goes for moving home too, as there’s some tools that just don’t bear going without on the big day.

That’s why we’ve highlighted the pieces of equipment that will make your moving experience a significantly easier one, of course everyone’s situation is different but this guide covers all eventualities.

Starting with the department which traditionally all movers are heavily involved in - Packing & unpacking.

A trusty pair of scissors is a great place to start, a tool for a multitude of purposes. The most obvious of which is cutting the packing tape you’re sealing your boxes with. Scissors can double up as a blade to then open those boxes back up again; and packing tape can be bunched together and stuck to the corners of furniture to prevent damage. Not forgetting a solid marker pen to label your boxes!

Many people like to have a box cutter or Stanley knife handy too as they have some further uses in a new home. They’re necessary for simple jobs you may find yourself doing, such as cutting plasterboard or removing a bead of silicone or caulk. 

Some old blankets or towels are always helpful to cover anything you don’t want knocking around or scratched in transit (removal companies provide moving blankets). If there’s cleaning to do you can cut a couple up into smaller squares and use them as rags. 

The next set of items are many not be needed for everyone but come highly recommended to avoid issues, good news is that there are some well-priced toolkits out there containing all of them: First (and arguably the most important) of these is the humble tape measure. Whilst the tape measures sold within toolboxes may not be the longest around, they’re still accurate and not to be without. 

Some screwdrivers (both crosshead & flathead) cover many jobs you’ll run into, primarily things like fitting appliances or building furniture but are just so great to have available for the future. A set of Allen keys may not always be found in a generic toolkit, but at least buying them separately means that you’ll get a larger variety in size.

The last tools found in a standard kit are mainly for more in-depth tasks but it doesn’t mean they’re strictly less relevant: an adjustable spanner for any loose radiators or pipes; a pair of pliers for any wiring jobs (that you’re confident you can handle); and sometimes you just need a hammer - Be it to pull out a nail which your pliers can’t handle, to make sure a nail never comes out again or just because you need to smash a great big hole in something.

These final couple are necessary in some cases: moving straps are a must to safely move any heavy objects like fridges or range cookers, if you’ve never seen them before they’re a set of two straps which go over your forearms, reducing the strain on the body when lifting (two people required). Finally, some furniture sliders which sit under the feet of large furniture will save your new flooring you were aiming to keep pristine. They really make the difference, plus there’s some for every type of floor, even carpet.